Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sunday, July 2nd: Job 22-24; Acts 11 ~ Emma

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is Job 22-24; Acts 11

"If then God gave the same gift to them as he gave to us when we believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I that I could stand in God's way?" - Acts 11‬:‭17‬

Sometimes we get jealous of other people's talents or gifts, or the fact that people who recently came to know Christ are receiving more of a "reward" for their good works than we ever have. And sometimes we ask God why this is happening because it's "so unfair". But this verse tells us plainly: God gives GIFTS and He is GOD, why are we questioning GOD? Especially over "who gets the better gift". This is sort of an eye-opening verse for me. 

Tomorrow's Bible In a Year PassageJob 25-27; Acts 12

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Nathan Reimer said...

Acts 11:18
When the others heard this, they stopped objecting and began praising God. They said, “We can see that God has also given the Gentiles the privilege of repenting of their sins and receiving eternal life.”

God's gift is available to everyone, and I too have to be careful not to be jealous of the way others came to know Christ. My storey is boring compared to others, I have know Christ most of my life and made a decision to follow Him as a youngster. But the main point is that we have made a decision to follow Him.