Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday, July 28th: Psalms 46-48; Acts 28 ~ Conrad

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is: Psalms 46-48; Acts 28

"For the Lord most high is awesome, the great King over all the earth."  Psalm 47:2

God is King over everything, His rule is supreme.  I was reminded of His great and awesome power today (Thursday as I'm typing this out) after hearing about a bad vehicle accident that involved my oldest brother.  When two vehicles collide at highway speed at an uncontrolled intersection, not everyone would survive to tell the story.  The chance of survival is even less when a seat belt is not worn.  The chance of survival lessens once again when you have been tossed out of the vehicle through the passenger window.  I know that I have had you paint a gruesome picture in your mind, but despite the truths listed above, my brother was able to get up and walk back to his vehicle before being tended to by the paramedics.  Not one broken bone! (Although when you go through a window you still don't look very good)

Even though my brother would have been in a very low percentile of surviving this accident, God demonstrated His power and delivered evidence once again, that He is in control of literally every situation around us!  

In our New Testament reading I was reminded and challenged by Paul that our mission is to reach out so that we can spread the Gospel message to all the Gentiles.  Salvation is meant for everyone, and as Christians, our task is to spread the Gospel throughout the world.  Easy to say, not as easy to do...........for me.

Tomorrow's Bible In a Year Passage is: Psalms 49-50; Romans 1

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Tammy Reimer said...

Amazing demonstration of God's sovereignty - so thankful your brother was relatively ok!

I've always loved Psalm 46 - and it is a huge picture of redemption, particularly as it was penned by the sons of Koran, who had been swallowed up by the earth because of his rebellion. Gives even more meaning to v2... we will not fear though the earth gives way...