Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday, February 4th: Isaiah 34-36, Mark 9: 1-29

In the first two chapters that we're reading (34 and 35), we read a description of what will happen to those who oppose and to those who live for God.

Chapter 34 sounds a lot like some of the descriptions we hear about what Hell will be like,  with fire burning continuously (verse 9). 

Chapter 35 sounds more like what Heaven will be like. We read here about the weak becoming strong again (verse 3) and also how the crippled will be healed (verses 5 and 6), and of a land that is safe to be in where their's genuine happiness.

In both these chapters we get a good idea of what the power of God can,  and will,  do. If we  imagine being part of this,  we all of a sudden gain a tremendous amount of respect and reverence for God. I'm glad He is in control and I can live for Him.

In the reading from Mark,  I took note of the conversation between the father of the demon possessed boy,  and Jesus. The father (no mention of the mother) was busy raising his "sick"  son,  it mentions in verse 22 how he had to rescue his son from near death a few times. He desperately wants his son healed (verse 24) and takes him first to Jesus' followers and then to Jesus,  but he shows in verse 22b that he has doubts that Jesus can heal his son. Even though the father has a slight doubt that Jesus can do the job,  Jesus heals his son anyway.

This reminds me of how even though I'm a dirty sinner who also has doubts at times,  Jesus still loved me enough to die for me and forgive me and to give me another chance. How could I not be more motivated to do my best for Him!


Tammy said...

I love the pictures in Isaiah 35 of the redeemed alone walking in the Way of Holiness.

We're leaving on a cruise in a couple of days and this part reminded me a bit of what it's like to walk up the gangway of the ship - the only ones allowed access to what's onboard. In a far greater scenario, the redeemed will one day walk the streets of heaven, the only ones allowed access to God's presence and glory forever - amazing!

What an amazing spiritual high the 3 disciples were on after witnessing the glory of the transfiguration, only to go down the mountain to witness the ugliness of evil. The disciples were unable to drive out the demon - we don't know why for sure, but possibly they had become too sure in their own abilities and weren't relying on God's power. We always need to keep our eyes on Jesus, humbling acknowledging that without Him we can do nothing, and that everything we do we do for His glory, not our own.

Pamela said...

From Isaiah35:4-5:
Behold, your God
will come with vengeance,
with the recompense of God.
He will come and save you.”
Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened,
and the ears of the deaf unstopped;

An acquaintance of mine linked this article on facebook today in agreement with it.

It was a fascinating (in a horrible-train-wreck-and-can't-look-away) article. Wow. A growing number of families are growing up without faith, without the story of salvation, without hope. They are being raised to believe nothing. I can't imagine. Sometimes Heaven can't come soon enough as I think about the future of my children, their spouses, and the world their children will grow up in. "He will come and save you" I believe that. I also believe that "the eyes of the blind will be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped." One day, the person writing this article (and all the people commenting positively on it and sharing it will face eternity. They will no longer be blind to what happens after their tolerant and "good enough" life here on earth ends and they will no longer be deaf to the message that could have saved them. May God use us as missionaries to all those who think they are living a life that is satisfying when that is just an illusion that Satan uses...a very successful one at that.

Conrad said...

Jesus said that "everything is possible for him who believes."

I was reminded that all things are possible through Jesus. There are many things that I have tried on my own and ended up failing. The disciples tried to drive out the evil spirit and were not successful. Jesus comes along and upon His command, the spirit is driven out.

Yes, all things are possible, but only possible through Jesus Christ, and not on our own strength.