Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Plan for 2019

Happy New Year and welcome to the tenth year of the reading and studying the Bible together on this blog! 

This year we have chosen to do the One Year Bible Plan - this plan includes approximately 2 chapters in the OT, 1 chapter in the NT, 1 Psalm and a portion of Proverbs in every reading.

The benefit of this plan is that there is something for everyone, no matter your time commitment. You can read through the entire Bible, you can read only the OT, you can read only the NT, you can read only the Psalms, or even only the Proverbs - or any combination of those! Once again, if you get behind, don’t worry about catching up, just jump back in. Just don’t quit!

I, personally have purchase a book called The One Year Praying Through Your Bible for Your Kids book by Nancy Guthrie.  She uses this same Bible reading plan, then pulls a few verses from one of the passages and does a devotional, followed by a prayer focused on this scripture for our kids. I’m really looking forward to this companion reading, but it is certainly in no way necessary to follow this blog or participate this year. But if you’re interested, I’ve included the link above.

This year we have Nathan, Pamela, Emma, Jeannine, and myself participating (a few more still considering) - I am excited to go through this journey with you again this year!

We will be using the following schedule....
Mondays - Pamela and Tammy
Tuesdays - Jeannine
Wednesdays - Tammy
Thursdays - Nathan
Fridays - Emma 
Saturdays and Sundays - depending on the weekend I may do these posts (following the devotional will help give me some ideas!)

I think that’s it - looking forward to a great year of growing in God's Word and in our faith. 

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