Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday, January 27th: Isaiah 14-16, Mark 4:21-41 ~ Nathan

In chapters 14 and 15 we see that no man-made kingdom on earth will last forever. The kingdoms of Babylon, Moab, and the Philistines all made God's people suffer and now are no more. The Israelites kept rebelling against God,  but he still loved them enough to send a Savior (chapter 16:5).

In Mark 4:21-24 we read about the lamp on a stand. At first, while reading,  I assume we're going to read about letting our light shine to an unsaved world. In my head I can remember that chorus from childhood about "this little light of mine,  I'm going to let it shine...",  I almost had to stop myself from sticking up my finger and blowing on it!

Seriously, this portion talks instead about using a lamp to make known what is concealed. We turn a light on in a room so we can see what we need to when we enter,  it helps us avoid danger. That in a lot of ways is what reading and doing this blog is about, we read scripture and study it (turning a light on)  in order to help see and avoid danger (sinning against God).

Later in verses 30-33 we read about the tiny mustard seed, and how a tiny seed can lead to a huge plant that gives the birds a place to rest. This should motivate us to do any small thing for God,  it can lead to something great. We also read this in the previous parable about the growing seed. 


Conrad said...

As I was reading the passage in Mark, I saw a connection between the lamp and the seeds. As Nathan said, we turn on the light to expose what is hidden, well a seed needs to be planted to see what is hidden inside it too.

We need to expose the message of Jesus to the unsaved. God is the one who makes the seed sprout and grow, we just need to plant the seed!

Tammy said...

Love the beginning of our Isaiah passage...

For the Lord will have compassion on Jacob and will again choose Israel...

Sometimes judgment clears the way for compassion, and God's grace restores His people. How thankful I am for God's grace to me!

I love the portion in Mark about Jesus calming the story. What incredible power! Can you imagine being witness to such an event?

Pamela said...

This portion of Isaiah stood out for me:
Prepare slaughter for his sons
because of the guilt of their fathers,
I always find it tough when the bible talks about sin punished to the future generations. It makes me yearn for living a life that would result is blessings to the future generations. When this passage talked about preparing sons for slaughter because of the guilt of their fathers it made me think about how important it is for us to train our children up so that they make a relationship with Christ their own. I'm thankful that even when our background and family is not something we choose, that we are able to choose the way we live our life and the direction we want to go. Our past does not have to define our future. We are free to choose repentance and forgiveness.

I thought of that kid's song too! The lamp under a basket reminded of a devotion that I heard on the radio awhile ago. The devotion was about doing construction work in the dark. No one would buy a house built in the dark. Our lives should be a light to those who need it....those who are "building" in the dark. If we can provide the light needed to see what they are doing (or not doing) then maybe they can build in their lives something that will be solid and will stand.