Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday, January 11th: Genesis 27-28, Romans 9:16-33 ~ Tammy

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is Genesis 27-28, Romans 9:16-33

Once again we see sinful choices being made by God's people because of their unbelief.  God had told Rebekah that Esau would serve Jacob, that Jacob was the son of the promise - but she and Jacob did not trust that God could bring that to pass without their help.  God doesn't need our help, and He most certainly doesn't need us to sin in order to "help" Him.  His way and His timing is perfect.  Whether or not we understand or agree with His plan is irrelevant.

We need to be willing to wait on God, and not recklessly put forth our own agenda, especially if we need to sin in order to do so.

Jacob and Rebekah's deception has long lasting consequences.   Jacob has to flee for his life, and, as far as we know from scripture, he never sees his mother alive again.  Sin is never worth it.

And yet, despite Jacob's sin, despite his deception, despite his unbelief and lack of faith, God reaffirms His promise to Jacob personally - what grace!

Our Romans passage expands on the subject of grace.  No one can earn their salvation.  We don't need to be able to perform superhuman works of faith - God is the one that sent Jesus as the Saviour of the world, God is the one who raised Jesus from the dead, God is the one who enables us to believe, God is the one who sends messengers to proclaim the gospel - it is all God.

We need to believe the good news; to accept it by faith; to not just agree intellectually, but whole heartedly trust in God as the sole means of our salvation.

He truly is our everything.

 Tomorrow's Bible In a Year Passage passage: Genesis 29-30, Roman 10


Pamela said...

It was interesting to me that Jacob's response to his mother's idea was not "we shouldn't do that" it was "we might get caught because I am not hairy". Jacob seemed much more worried about getting caught than about deceiving his father.

I also wonder if Jacob knew that Rebekah was behind this whole scheme or if he thought Jacob acted alone. Rebekah even lied to get Jacob away to safety. I wonder if she thought it was all worth it or did she eventually regret her decisions?

We don't know how God would have placed Jacob in power over Esau but God keeps his promises and we know it would have played out in the way it was foretold but I thought that this part of Romans applied to this part of Genesis:

"Why? Because they did not pursue it by faith, but as if it were based on works."

It is not by our our "helping" of God's our own desires that God will accomplish what needs to be done but by our FAITH in Him that makes things happen.

Conrad said...

Agreed. It is interesting how we, as Rebekah did in this passage, often feel the need to assist God in carrying out His promises, as if He cannot do it on His own.

I also found myself somewhat impressed with Isaac's attitude towards his son Jacob. Of course, initially Isaac "trembled violently", as would have anyone, not knowing who just deceived him and to whom he just blessed. However, just before Isaac sends Jacob off to Paddan Aramin he blesses him again. "So Isaac called for Jacob and blessed him.” (Genesis 28:1) I think I would have struggled with sending my son off with a blessing after I had been deceived by him.

It does not say, but I would imagine that Rebekah would have mentioned to Isaac the Lord's response to her question asking why the babies were jostling in her womb. If so, this would tie in with our passage in Romans as this may be the reason why Isaac appears to be honestly wishing a second blessing on Jacob. Isaac would have placed his faith in God knowing that God will use different characteristics in people to accomplish His plan. It is not by our works that His plan is carried out, but by God who calls. What is He calling you and I to do today?