Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday, January 31st: Isaiah 26-27, Mark 6:30-56 ~ tammy

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is Isaiah 26-27, Mark 6:30-56

Isaiah 26:3-4 You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.  Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.

God is the only One we can trust implicitly.  Everyone else, no matter how much they love you, will betray or hurt you at some point, even if unintentionally.

God alone is trustworthy.  He is good.  He is just. He is merciful.  He is sovereign.  He is Lord.  He is is love.  He is holy.  He is unchanging.  He is.

How can we not put our trust in Him?

The One who gave up His heavenly throne to live as man.
The One who gave up His Son to save us.
The One who resides within us to strengthen and guide us.
The One who created us.
The One who loves us.
The One who satisfies our spiritual hunger and fills our empty souls.
The One who is the bread of life.
The One who walks on water and controls all creation.
The One who heals the sick - physically and, more importantly, spiritually.

He alone is worthy of our trust, worship, and adoration.  May we live for His glory today and every day!

Tomorrow's Bible In a Year Passage passage: Isaiah 28-29, Mark 7:1-13


Nathan said...

In Mark 6:31 Jesus tells his apostles it's time for a rest, for they were physically exhausted from the work they were doing, in saving souls. It's important to give ourselves proper rest, to recharge, so we can keep living the way God wants. And yet, as they were getting away from the crowds that followed them, Jesus and his apostles "fell" into another situation where they needed to have compassion and to take the time to minister. Even though they were exhausted, they didn't turn anyone away and in fact Jesus performed one of his most interesting miracles we read about in feeding thousands with only enough food for one.

Thursday's Child said...

In my study Bible there is an interesting quote from Luther on Leviathan in Isaiah 27:1 and what it might mean. "It seems to me the prophet is speaking about the kings of Syria, of the Egyptians and others, and about the kings and princes of the Jews at the time of Christ, all of whose kingdoms were to be made subject to Roman rule. When Christ's kingdom and the Gospel were already imminent, the Roman rule came first and established peace throughout the world, so that the Gospel could be preached by the apostles everywhere on safe roads...For the Roman rule was harsh and was quick to use the sword."

Pamela said...

Sometimes I feel like I'm so busy and I can only ever manage to check off half the things on my "to-do" list and I don't have time to pray or do devotions and then I remember that Jesus, the son of God and Saviour of mankind, took the time out to be still and quiet and I realize I'm not THAT busy.

When Jesus feeds the multitudes it always reminds me that our first job is to meet the physical needs of people. If those needs are not met, the message of what we are saying can not be heard.

Pamela said...

Also, don't you wonder how 5000 men and their families even heard what Jesus was saying without proper sound systems or closed captioning?! That kind of blows my mind.

Conrad said...

The same verse that Tammy quoted in Isaiah stood out to me as well. He is our rock, our refuge, worthy of all our trust. In Him we will not be shaken!

In the Mark passage, it mentions that Jesus went up the mountainside to pray. Not only is it important to have rest, but this passage demonstrates the importance of prayer too. Just as we need to look to God our Father for strength, Jesus looked to his Father for strength too!