Thursday, July 25, 2019

Thursday July 25th: 2 Chronicles 14, 2 Chronicles 15, 2 Chronicles 16, Romans 9:1-24, Psalms 19:1-14, Proverbs 20:1 ~ Nathan

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is 2 Chronicles 11:1-13:22, Romans 8:26-39, Psalm 18:37-50, Proverbs 19:27-29

King Asa lived a life that was honorable to God, he seemed to want to do everything right, the way God wanted. He trusted in God, who helped him win a battle against what looked like an unbeatable foe. He also removed foreign alters and pagan shrines.

But as he lived his life and ruled as king, he slipped towards the end and stopped trusting in God, and stopped seeking help from the Lord. He reigned for 41 years, living for God most of that time.

We need to be careful that we finish strong, and don't go out on a bad note after many years of living for God. Spending more time in prayer as we get older is a good start.

Tomorrow's Bible In a Year Passage2 Chronicles 17:1-18:34, Romans 9:25-10:13, Psalm 20:1-9, Proverbs 20:2-3

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