Monday, January 15, 2018

Monday, January 15: Genesis 37-39, Mark 9:1-32 ~by Pamela

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is Genesis 37-39, Mark 9:1-32

What an encouragement it is to read about the shortcomings and trials of Bible "heroes":

Joseph tormented his brothers by flaunting his coat and bragging incessantly about his dreams.
Judah, (Jesus' lineage), advocated to sell his brother as a slave for financial gain...
then helped concoct an elaborate lie about Joseph's death to send his father into depression...
and held back his youngest son after he promised his daughter in law.
Then Judah slept with a "prostitute" (which may have been a common practice since Tamar knew exactly where to be) and ended up getting his daughter in law pregnant.
Tamar, one of the few women mentioned in Jesus' family tree, seduced her father in law when he didn't follow through on his promise to give her his youngest son in marriage.
Joseph fled from Potiphar's wife but ended up in jail.
The disciples could not cast of spirits, didn't comprehend the magnitude of Jesus' ministry, and were afraid to ask about things they didn't understand.

These people were instrumental key figures in the Bible and yet they were so far from perfect. They were boastful, selfish, liars, promiscuous, deceivers, suffered adversity, fearful, naive, and sometimes, unbelieving.

Yet, God chooses to use these people in ways that have had lessons that endure. We can see how God can use the unqualified. We can understand that God does not require perfection but can work with us just as we are.

Tomorrow's Bible In a Year PassageGenesis 40-42, Mark 9:33-50


Nathan said...

A good reminder to not give up and think "I'm useless", because I'm so far from the person God wants me to be

Tammy said...

So thankful God can use us, despite our shortcomings. I pray that I would always be wiling to be used by Him for HIs glory.