Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday, February 9th: Leviticus 6-7; Matthew 25:1-30 ~ Deena

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is Leviticus 6-7; Matthew 25:1-30

Looking today at The Parable of the Ten Virgins,
'Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour'. Matthew 25:13

Our Daily Bread from September 12, 2016 says, " What does waiting for Jesus's return look like in your life? Jesus told this parable to emphasize that we need to be prepared, for when He comes again we will give an account over the state of our hearts. Are we waiting and ready?"

Below is an Insight from the above mentioned Our Daily Bread:
David Wenham, in his book The Parables of Jesus, comments on the parable of the ten virgins: “It speaks of waiting for the coming of the master—in this case the bridegroom—and of being prepared or unprepared for one’s appointed task and of being rewarded or punished . . . . This is a particularly suggestive picture of the outcome of final judgment.” We don’t know when we will see the Bridegroom. Perhaps we will be alive and looking for Him when he returns or we will be raised from the dead and meet Him in the air (1 Thess. 4:16–17). What is important is that we are ready when He comes.
Tomorrow's Bible In a Year PassageLeviticus 8-10; Matthew 25:31-46

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kjad said...

In the Old Testament passage, it occurred to me of how many steps there were in getting God's message to the Israelites. "Then the Lord said to Moses, "Say to the Israelites..." (Leviticus 7:28) God spoke to Moses, who would get help from Aaron, to speak to the Israelites. It had never occurred to me until today of how much of a lengthy process this was.