Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday, January 10th: Genesis 25-26; Matthew 8:1-17 ~ Jody

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is Genesis 25-26; Matthew 8:1-17

Oh the sins of the father passed through the generations! I had never realized that Isaac also lied that Rebekah was his sister just as his father Abraham had lied about Sarah! Isn't it interesting how we don't realize the generational impact of our choices. And that both Abraham and Isaac thought they were doing the right thing when they made that same choice. A couple of take aways for me from this:
1: Pray about everything. Every. Thing. God's hand is in it all!
2: Talk to our kids about bad choices we've made so that they will not fall into the same traps we have fallen into in our sin.
3: Pray to break generational sin within our families to get healing from the patterns.

In both cases of Abraham and Isaac's lies, God's plan ultimately prevailed. A reminder that no matter how badly we sin and mess up, God's sovereignty will always accomplish what He needs to accomplish!

Tomorrow's Bible In a Year PassageGenesis 27-28; Matthew 8:18-34


Unknown said...

Every person that Jesus touched was healed, and when they got up they followed him.
Matthew 8:17:
So Jesus made clear the full meaning of what Isaiah the prophet said:
"He took away our diseases and carried away our sicknesses".

Tammy said...

Great thoughts about generational sin, and God's sovereignty despite our faithlessness.

I love that Jesus used His miraculous powers to do compassionate things. He could have just done an entertaining magic show, but instead He healed, both physically and spiritually.