Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wednesday, July 1st: Deuteronomy 13-15, Acts 4:1-22 ~ Nathan

Chapter 13 gives three examples of different people that can lead us away from God. To all three the Bible tells us very clearly to get rid of this influence by killing it off.

We need to read and study the Bible,  pray and support others who do the same. There are many present day people or influences that are trying to steer us away from God. An example of this is what's going on now with homosexuals now being allowed by the government to marry in the US.  It's all disguised and described as it being done for "love",  and yet it's clearly against what the Bible says and what God has planned for us and how He created us. God is love,  so how can sin be love? Love the sinner, not the sin. 

This is one of the things we need to be on guard about,  and not let what society says effect our thinking about God and what we learn from the scriptures.

In our reading from Acts we see how the educated Sadducees, rulers, and elders tried to find blame with Peter and John, who had just healed a cripple and had a large crowd following them. They found Peter and John annoying and tried to shut them down, but these powerful men were no match for the Gospel.  The power of the Gospel won over a large crowd and all efforts to shut it up were useless.
Let this be a reminder for us,  we have the Holy Spirit within us,  which is more powerful than anything the world can try to do to us. Let this motivate us to want to do God's will.


TammyIsBlessed said...

Moses had warned against temptation that might arise from the Canaanites, but now he also cautions against temptation towards idolatry within the Israelites themselves. This is why we need to study the Bible - to know the truth so that we can clearly discern false teaching from both culture and within the church that wants to align with culture. Nathan's example of homosexuality is very apt for this passage.

I love the spirit of generosity encouraged in the passage on tithing, as well as the Sabbath year.

In Acts I am astonished by the boldness of Peter and John and their courage in proclaiming Jesus as Lord in spite of the threats against them. Do we have that same courage?

Conrad said...

I was also impressed with Peter and John's courage in Christ to be able to stand up to the rulers. They did a miracle through God which in essense was an act of kindness to a cripple. The religious leaders threatened Peter and John to stop speaking in Jesus' name, but the miracle itself was something that the rulers were not able to punish them for.

When we act out in line with God's will, our actions cannot be faulted, however our words to the sinner may not be accepted.

After reading today's passage, I also felt that the gay marriage movement related. We as Christians need to make sure that we keep our actions in check with God.

Pamela said...

The idea of the sabbatical year is an interesting concept. How much looser would we hold things if they weren't really ours...and why don't we hold things loosely now because everything we do have is from God?