Monday, January 7, 2013


Before I post tomorrow, I wanted to update myself here.

I first joined here in 2011, you can read my intro from then here.  Sadly, I had to drop out not long after starting.  But I'm back!

Since Jan of 2011, our lives have been stinking crazy.  CRAZY.  My husband got out of the Army on a medical discharge, he's a disabled vet.  He was unable to work, due to his issues.  We lost our home to foreclosure, and the Lord prompted us to move to Idaho to begin a fresh start.
We moved in August of 2011.  Oh.  And I was THIRTY NINE WEEKS PREGNANT.  Yes.  Really.
Also, our van exploded two weeks before we moved.  Also, we had to leave a lot of our things behind.

Excepting the birth of our fantastic 6th child, 2011 was a horrible year for us.  Horrible.  It was the frosting on a 2 year long cake of horrible, and it was really difficult for our family.

That being faith has been in the fire these last couple of years.  The chaos and change has been especially difficult for my 8yo daughter with Autism.  There has been a lot of questioning on my part.  A lot of grief and anger.

So why am I back?  Because I need to find Him again.  I need to get my heart and mind in the Word and seek the God who has saved me.  I have turned from Him, and I need to turn back.  I need to turn away from my doubt and anger, and seek His holy face.

Oh Lord!  That you would give me mercy.  Help me to see truth and seek your heart.

Thanks for having me back!



LaughingLady said...

Oh Sandy! You certainly have been through the wringer!! I am encouraged that despite/as a result of the trials, you desire to dig deeper again here with us. I hope participating here will help you fall in love with God all over again and that it will prove repeatedly His Word is, indeed, the balm He promises it will be to those who need healing. ♥

Thanks for sharing.

TammyIsBlessed said...

Thanks for updating us Sandy. Though I was already familiar with your story, seeing it all condensed like that - Tammi described it well when she said you'd been through the wringer! I am so thankful that you are purposefully choosing to turn to God and away from the anger and doubt. God will honour that choice Sandy. Looking forward to growing together with you this year!