Thursday, May 2, 2019

Thursday, May 2nd: Judges 15:1-16:31, John 2:1-25, Psalm 103:1-22, Proverbs 14:17-19 ~ Tammy

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is: Judges 15:1-16:31, John 2:1-25, Psalm 103:1-22, Proverbs 14:17-19

John 2:7 Jesus told the servants, “Fill the jars with water.” When the jars had been filled, he said, “Now dip some out, and take it to the master of ceremonies.” So the servants followed his instructions.
When the master of ceremonies tasted the water that was now wine, not knowing where it had come from (though, of course, the servants knew), he called the bridegroom over. 10 “A host always serves the best wine first,” he said. “Then, when everyone has had a lot to drink, he brings out the less expensive wine. But you have kept the best until now!”

I love the faith displayed by the servants.  They filled those jars with water themselves.  They knew there was no wine in there.  But Jesus told them to bring some to the master of ceremonies and they did.  And the water was changed into wine.  The best wine!

May I have that same type of faith - willing to believe before I've seen the results.

Tomorrow's Bible In a Year Passage:   Judges 17:1-18:31, John 3:1-21, Psalm 104:1-24, Proverbs 14:20-21

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