Thursday, March 7, 2019

Numbers 8:1 - 9:23, Mark 13:14-37, Psalm 50:1-23, Proverbs 10:29-30

Numbers 9:8
Moses answered, "Wait here until I have received instructions for you from the Lord."

This verse made me think, I was surprised Moses didn't have an answer ready, or that God hadn't let Moses know the answer ahead of time.

It seems like over the last number of weeks we've read about how the Israelites were to deal with almost any kind of situation, but this one seems to have caught Moses off guard or unsure of what to say.

It was wise of Moses to pull back and wait for God to give him advice, rather then to go ahead and do what he thought.

We also don't need to have every possible future situation in life figured out ahead of time, we can't in fact, we're only human. We need to prepare, but more importantly we need to go to God at all times for advice and wisdom - and sometimes wait for Him to give us advice.

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Tammy said...

So true!

I am also thankful that, though we may not have a visible pillar of fire or cloud leading us (how cool must that have been?!), we have the Holy Spirit within us to be our guide.