Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday, January 28 - Tiffany

Today's scripture focus is Ezekiel 29-32.

This section of scripture is about the downfall of Egypt.  At this point in time, Egypt had been a superpower for almost 3000 years.  No one could imagine Egypt not being powerful. And yet, Egypt fell to Babylon, as the Lord told Ezekiel it would.  And Egypt has not been powerful since.

Extremely religious Egypt, powerful Egypt, was conquered, and lost all power.  Egypt still exists, but with smaller boundaries, with significantly less influence, and with a very diluted national heritage, as many other nations have come through and into Egypt.

Obvious lines can be drawn from Egypt to the U.S.  For those of us living here, we have been powerful for quite some time. Many people who came to America came for religious freedom. But it doesn't mean we can't fall.

However, I think the biggest lesson here is more personal.  It doesn't matter how religious you are, how "blessed" you think your life is.  For those who do not truly serve God, for those who turn to other idols, it can all be taken away.

John Lennon stated "I do not believe in the Beatles, I only believe in myself.". I would like to be remembered as someone who states "I only believe in my God."

Sorry for the disjointedness of this post- I was making notes and never really did get it all connected together.  Rayburn's message on this passage is excellent!

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Tammy said...

Indeed - this quote is so true.
we too are tempted to imagine that the forces that control this world are those that we can see. It is not so. This should be both a warning to us and a magnificent encouragement. Our heavenly Father, our Redeemer stands astride this world and rules it absolutely. No nation can vaunt itself against the Lord unless he allow it to do so and no nation that does so will fail to be judged and broken because it did.