Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thursday, April 5th - 1 Samuel 4-6, Luke 14: 25-35 ~ Nathan

1 Samuel 6: 19-20
But God struck down some of the inhabitants of Beth Shemesh, putting seventy of them to death because they looked into the ark of the Lord. The people mourned because of the heavy blow the Lord had dealt them. [20] And the people of Beth Shemesh asked, “Who can stand in the presence of the Lord, this holy God? To whom will the ark go up from here?”

We see an example here from the Israelites, of a people who didn't follow exactly what God wanted. I believe they respected God, but they didn't take the time to realize they needed to follow Him completely, all the time.

Do I listen to what He wants all the time? Or do I do my own thing at times?

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Tammy said...

We cannot presume anything when it comes to God. He determines right and wrong, not us.