Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturday, November 5th: Acts 1:1-3, Acts 1:12-26, Acts 2-3 ~ Tammy

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is Acts 1:1-3, Acts 1:12-26, Acts 2-3

Acts 3:12 Peter saw his opportunity and addressed the crowd.

When the crippled beggar asked Peter and John for money, they were unable to grant his request, but instead answered a need he never thought possible by healing his legs and giving him the ability to walk, all while giving the glory to God.  The man responded in faith and soon a crowd had gathered, astounded by what had happened.

And what did Peter do?  He didn't just continue on to the temple to make it to the three o'clock service he had been going to.  Rather, he saw an opportunity to proclaim the good news, and he took it!  He had an audience, and he fearlessly proclaimed who Jesus was, how the Jews had rejected Him, why this rejection was fatal, but that they still had a choice to believe and receive Jesus as their Messiah and Lord.

What do we do with the opportunities God gives us?  Do we capitalize on them, or do we make excuses to stay silent?  Do we look for proactively look for opportunities or do we wait until someone directly asks us a question we have no choice but to answer?  Do we even take the initiative and purposefully create opportunities to bring the conversation around to Jesus Christ?

The Holy Spirit is within us, just as He was within Peter.  We have access to the same power that rose Jesus from the dead.  How can we stay silent?

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Nathan said...

Good point, do I look for opportunities or wait for something to happen?

Sadly I often wait for something to happen, then depending on how much time I have I will respond in a way that I feel God wants me to respond. We need to focus on having Christ more centered in our lives, so that we respond in the way He wants and be more aggressive in looking for opportunities to talk about Him.