Sunday, August 28, 2016

SUNDAY, AUGUST 28, 2016: Ezekiel 13-15 ~ Jay

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is Ezekiel 13-15

A I read through today’s passage, the below items made an impact on me.

1)     False Testimony-  Ezekiel 13:2-8 describes God’s judgement that will come upon those who used His name to spread false prophesies and messages.  I thought of my own anger when I hear of someone who uses my name to validate an initiative or agenda that they are promoting either in a work or personal situation.  How much more impactful would it have been in the Old Testament and even today when one uses Gods name to promote their own personal agenda.  I need to be ground in God’s Word and constantly in communication with Him through prayer to have that grounding so I am able to discern between those who are aligned with God’s true mandate and those with an alternative motive.

2)     What do I Worship? -  Ezekiel 14:2: Son of man, these leaders have set up idols[a] in their hearts. They have embraced things that will make them fall into sin. Why should I listen to their requests? We too pray and ask God for guidance and deliverance in certain situations but why should he listen to our requests? Have we established idols in our own hearts that get in the way of communication with God? It is a personal challenge to me to be genuine and pray for God’s assistance in the removal of “idols” from my life so that my communication with God can be more effective.  

3)     Would God Consider me Wood or a Vine?- In Ezekiel 15:2-6 God describes the people of Jerusalem as vines and contrasts them with wood.  They both grow in the forest but one (vine) is fairly useless in terms of making anything of value out of it and is burned up quickly in the fire yielding little value even in terms of heat. The obvious contrast is a tree which has great value in terms of constructing items and BTU (heat) value. In considering my life and my witness / service for God- would God consider me a vine or a tree? I need to take stock and daily have a heart that is open to God’s leading and a willingness to be utilized for His service.   

Tomorrow's Bible In a Year Passage: Ezekiel 16-17


Nathan Reimer said...

I too need to take stock daily to see whether I am being a tree or a vine. A vine comes across as being useful for fuel only, but is really useless for that as well. A tree has many uses and can provide in many ways. Taking stock daily is a good way to keep ourselves in line

Kiandra said...

Instead, they have told lies and made false predictions. They say, ‘This message is from the Lord,’ even though the Lord never sent them. And yet they expect him to fulfill their prophecies! Ezekiel 13:4

This verse stood out to me in regards to personal agenda setting, whether my own or someone else's. It is true that we need to be grounded in the truth by reading the Bible so that we can gain wisdom and understanding of the one true God.

Kiandra said...

Sorry, I was logged in under Kiandra's account and not my own. lol - Conrad

Tammy Reimer said...

Being grounded in God's Word is so key!

Having a solid foundation, and then putting feet to that knowledge, helps us to become like the solid and useful tree.