Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday, June 16: 2 Kings 8:1-17, 2 Chronicles 21:18-20, 2 Kings 8:25-29, 2 Chronicles 22:1-7, 2 Kings 9 ~Cameron

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is 2 Kings 8:1-172 Chronicles 21:18-202 Kings 8:25-292 Chronicles 22:1-72 Kings 9

I want to touch on the events in 2 Kings 9, when Jehu becomes king over Israel.

Elisha has a fellow prophet anoint Jehu as the next king of Israel, then flee the scene. That is the state of Israel at this point. Prophets arrived in secret, delivered their message, and ran away. That is not what I think of when imagining God's chosen people.

Jehu hears that both both kings, Joram of Israel and Ahaziah of Judah, are in the city of Jezreel and goes to take the throne. They meet on a field previously owned by Naboth and Jehu slays Joram as the king tries to flee. This field was taken by Ahab after his wife Jezebel has Naboth killed for refusing to sell the land. Elijah prophesied that this field would be where Ahab would meet his demise, and his family would be wiped out. See 1 Kings 21:17-29

At hearing this, Ahab repented and the Lord showed him Mercy. On Ahab! This was a king who, in that very passage, has this to say about him:
"There was never anyone like Ahab, who sold himself to do evil in the eyes of the Lord." - 1 Kings 21:25

God showed mercy to Ahab and fulfilled the prophesy with his son, Joram. Grace is not without consequences. Joram died on the field his father acquired by murdering the owner.

I often pause at these passages and reflect on my own life. I'm not putting up Asherah poles or setting up temples to Baal, but am I subtlely accumulating consequences for which my children will pay the price?  I probably have already on some levels, but it motivates me to focus on doing what is right every day.

Tomorrow's Bible In a Year Passage: 2 Kings 10:1-17, 2 Chronicles 22:8-9, 2 Kings 10:18-11:3, 2 Chronicles 22:10-12, 2 Kings 11:4-12, 2 Chronicles 23:1-11


Conrad said...

I too have wondered how my choices today will impact my kids. If we need a reason to obey, that's a good one.

Tammy Reimer said...

Sober thought to ponder indeed!

I noted 2 Chronicles 21:20 Jehoram was thirty two years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem eight years. No one was sorry when he died.

What an evil person you would have to be to have no one sorry about your death!

It begs the question though - what will our legacy be? What will people say about us when we die? I has the privilege of playing piano at a funeral of a 90 year old godly woman yesterday and it was clear that she had left a legacy of faith, love, and mercy. May the same be said for all of us!