Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday, November 29th: 2 Chronicles 21-22, Luke 9:1-17 ~ Tammy

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is 2 Chronicles 21-22; Luke 9:1-17

2 Chronicles 21:5-6 Jehoram was thirty-two years old when he became king, and he reigned eight years in Jerusalem. And he walked in the way of the kings of Israel, as the house of Ahab had done, for the daughter of Ahab was his wife. And he did what was evil in the sight of the Lord.
Jehoram picked the wrong wife.  He was likely already headed down the wrong path, but picking the daughter of Ahab to be his wife sealed the direction his life was taking.

Choosing who to marry is, aside from becoming a Christian, the single most important decision a person can make.  That being said, so many people, Christians included, become very stressed out with meeting "the one", and make it much more complicated than it needs to be.  God is sovereign and knows who we will marry, and He definitely can and does bring people into our lives for a purpose, but He also has given us great freedom when it comes to the responsibility of choosing a spouse.

A good marriage is formed when two people who are both committed to being followers of Jesus, who share the same convictions when it comes to core doctrinal matters as well as family, finances, and calling; choose to love each other and commit to adjusting to each other's differences, relying on the power of God to each give 100% to each other.  It may not always be easy, but it is really simple.  A lot of Christians have fallen for the Hollywood version of romance more than we think we have.

Tomorrow's Bible In a Year Passage passage: 2 Chronicles 23-24; Luke 9:18-36


Conrad said...

Good point about Jehoram picking the wrong wife. As my parents age, it becomes very evident that they need each other more and more everyday the older they get. We need to pray continually that our children will make wise choices when selecting their life mates.

Pamela said...

I always imagine what it must have been like to be in the crowd being fed...did the people even know the miracle they were a part of or did they just eat until they were full blissfully unaware that a few loaves and fishes were feeding the entire company. Was this miracle merely for the disciples' benefit?