Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday, June 18th: Jeremiah 34-36, Matthew 26:51-75 ~ Tammy

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is Jeremiah 34-36; Matthew 26:51-75

I always find the passage about Jehoaikim burning the scroll to be both horrifying and ironically funny. It is horrifying that anyone would have the gall to burn the very Word of God. But it's also humorous that the King would actually think that burning the scroll would stop it's words from coming true! No one can ever truly destroy the Word of God, and certainly no one can ever prevent it's promises (both blessings and curses) from coming true.

I love the story of the Recabites and their 200 years of faithfulness to the vow their ancestor charged them with. An incredibly stark contrast to the Israelites continuing unfaithfulness to God.

In our Matthew passage we see Peter's unfaithfulness, denying Christ three times.

Thankfully, our God is faithful in spite of our unfaithfulness.

If we continually reject Him, like Israel and Judah did, we will experience His wrath and judgment.

If we turn to Him in repentance, like Peter did, He will forgive us and the Holy Spirit will work His regenerating power within our lives.

God has set before us the way of life and the way of death - let us choose life!

Tomorrow's Bible In a Year Passage passage: Jeremiah 37-39; Matthew 27:1-26


Conrad said...

I too thought that Jehoiakim burning the scroll was very gutsy. Sometimes people who need the Lord the most, realize it the least.

Pamela said...

I think it was interesting that he believed that burning the scroll would remove whatever was written on it. Aren't we also "burning" the scroll when we deliberately disobey God's word. Unfortunately for me this happens often. I take comfort that, like Peter, I can be forgiven for my shortcomings. I always find it interesting that Peter is told he would deny Jesus just hours'd almost think that his recent accusation would have been remembered at that first denial....but how many times do I too make the same mistake over and over again.