Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday, April 28th: Numbers 3-4, Revelation 15 ~ Nathan

In Numbers 3-4 we read about how God gave specific instructions for the Israelites, specifically the Levite's, on how to serve in the Meeting tent. These instructions were to be followed exactly. Aaron had lost two sons,  who didn't pay close enough attention to what they were supposed to do.
After reading this portion of scripture,  I noted that God mentions three times (3:10, 3:38 and 4:15) that anyone else who comes near the Holy Things will die. This is a severe punishment for making the mistake of not paying attention. But it also needs to be severe,  so that the Israelites take seriously what God says. When it came to anything Holy,  they better show full respect and be alert at all times. 

This is a great reminder for me to place God above all other things and remember that He is Holy. We treat hockey players or movie stars like they're the most important people on earth with all the attention we give them,  and yet God is so far above that even. I feel like I don't come close to showing God how special He is.

In Revelation 15 we read about all those who won victory over the beast, standing by the sea,  and singing praise to God. What a beautiful sight that will be when the battles are over and we as Christians gain victory,  standing in peace,  praising God!


Pamela said...

I noticed that too that the punishment of death was promised for those who did not obey. So often I think we do make light of the Holiness that God deserves. Disobedience to God is still punished by death...just not always as instant.

Conrad said...

I don't want to sound like a broken record, but the same verse about death stuck in my mind too.

I was wondering if Aaron would have talked and reminded his sons of what happened to Nadab and Abihu.

I wonder if I don't emphasize enough the importance of obeying God's instructions. Like Pamela said its not an instant death as it once was, but death none the less.

TammyIsBlessed said...

We definitely don't emphasize God's holiness enough, nor the consequences of disobedience. Our God is One who is, amazingly, to be both feared AND loved.

Another point is that God assigned very specific jobs to entire clans. It didn't matter what their particular desires were, their roles we're assigned because God said so. We too, are assigned different roles, some simply because we are male and female (that's a sensitive one these days), some because we are married or single or parents, etc. God calls and we obey because He says so.