Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 18 - Tuesday - Tiffany

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is Numbers 35-36, Psalm 55, Luke 11
Today's scripture focus is Daniel 10

I struggle with reading prophecy books because they usually don't make sense the first read through. While my husband will read the same passage multiple times a day in writing his sermons, I find my mind wandering after the second or third reading.

So I was pretty pleased to read Daniel 10 once and think "that's Jesus" and then after my second reading, turn to Robert Rayburn to find him saying this:
Who is this Messenger? It is generally accepted that this Person who appears to Daniel is none other than the pre-incarnate Lord Jesus Christ, a theophany or Christophany. The strongest argument for that is the striking similarity between the description found here in verses 5 and 6 and that of our risen conquering King in Rev. 1:13-16. I’ll mention some of that later.
Daniel finds himself in the traumatizing presence of the pre-incarnate Christ, Coram Christo. Follow along as I read and notice the many references to his physical and psychological agony to this awe-ful figure speaking to him. ... So what we have before us is a composite of utmost dignity and honor, spellbinding beauty, fiercesome terror, with all seeing penetrating eyes, who alone dwells in unapproachable light, who speaks with a commanding voice ruling over all He has made. That is what Daniel sees. How are we to respond to this revelation of who Christ is in all His glory?
How ARE we to respond? Daniel says in v. 7 that he was the only one to see this vision, and yet the men with him were overwhelmed with terror and ran away.
Daniel stays in front of this vision, in front of this Great Being floating over the waters, and once he is revived from the sleep he fell into, he bowed, his face to the ground.
It is the only way to respond- submission and reverence.

Rayburn says this as well, that so often we put God into an image we can understand. We're doing ourselves  and those around us an extreme disservice when we do this.  We must see God as He is - larger than what we can understand, more holy and terrifying.  When we see Him as this, when we realize He is more awesome (in the original sense of the word) than we can understand, then our worship can grow, our relationship with God can grow.

Tomorrow's scripture focus: Daniel 11:1-35
Tomorrow's Bible In a Year Passage passage: Deuteronomy 1-2, Psalm 56, Luke 12

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TammyIsBlessed said...

He truly is more holy and terrifying than we could even imagine. If He were to appear before us in all our depravity, we would be flat on the ground, trembling with terror.

I liked the ending to MacArthur's sermon.....
You know what I see in this chapter? .... I see insight into God, His holiness, His majesty and His glory. I see insight into the role of Jesus Christ. I see insight into the angels and demons and their warfare. I see insight into the heart and life of a man without equal, Daniel--a man of prayer. I see insight into the stuff that is the core of intercessory prayer, a broken heart, a selfless heart. I see insight into the first response to any crisis, again which is prayer. I see insight into the condescension of God that God should come to man shocks me. Why does He bother? I see insight into the grace of God who can take a frail weak trembling man, touch his mouth and make him speak for God. I'll tell you, that's one that hits me. Man, I'm so glad that God could take a frail instrument, touch his mouth and let him speak. I see insight into my own inadequacy, and your inadequacy and how God can come at our point of greatest weakness while we lie on the ground as dead men with a mouthful of dirt and He can lift us on our feet and strengthen us to be used for His glory. It's a message of condescension. It's a message of heaven coming to earth and infusing power into men that they may speak for God. What a glorious thing.