Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday, October 24: Luke 10:25-42, Luke11:1-13, Luke 11:33-54, Luke 12:1-59,Luke 13:1-17, John 9:1-41

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is Luke 10:25-42, Luke11:1-13, Luke 11:33-54, Luke 12:1-59,Luke 13:1-17, John 9:1-41

So many nuggets in today's reading!

*The story of the often we are too busy or too "important" to help someone in need. May we search out opportunities to serve others even if it expensive in time or in money. How are we using our resources for God's kingdom?

*I can TOTALLY identify with Martha. My word for 2016 is "STILL" and it is a reminder to just be still instead of focusing on the long to do list and instead of focusing on what others are, or aren't, doing. It's so backwards and upside down to think that sitting and listening to Jesus is what was applauded instead of being a good hostess.

*How to Pray:

I read a devotional once that suggested using the acronym ACTS:


When you read through the Lord's prayer it does follow this model. What a good reminder that God is not an instant teller of dream granting.

*Ask, Seek, Knock

God is the giver of all good things and He loves to shower His blessings on His children. But it is us that need to come to Our Saviour to ask and seek and knock.

*We need to shine. We need to be the light in a dark world.

*The truth hurts. The Pharisees, the Sadducees, the lawyers didn't want to hear what Jesus was saying. Sometimes we don't want to hear it either.

*God loves us so much. We are more valuable than sparrows and God takes care of them. Even the hairs on our head are counted by Him.

*What goes around, comes around. If we deny Christ, he will deny us.

*Everything can be taken from us in a moment. Just like the rich farmer who couldn't take his bountiful crops with him, neither can we take our worldly possessions with us. Whatever is consuming our thoughts and our time and our resources should have lasting value.

*Be ready--any time and any place. Jesus is coming back!

*We can be healed. Whether we are disabled or blind-physically or spiritually, God can heal us and make us whole. It is his greatest desire for humanity and He was willing to give up His Son to make it possible.

Tomorrow's Bible In a Year PassageLuke 16:1-31, Luke 17:1-10, John 11:1-57, Luke 17:11-37, Luke18:1-14

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Tammy said...

Great summary, I appreciated all those nuggets!