Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saturday, December 12th: Joshua 4-6, Luke 15:1-10 ~ Tammy

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is Joshua 4-6; Luke 15:1-10

All of us remember exactly where we were when 9/11 occurred.  That memory is etched in our heads and hearts, and we hardly need a memorial to remember it.  But our kids don't, because they didn't experience it.  That being said, even though we remember it immediately upon being asked, it's not something we think about 24/7.

There are other moments, still impactful but less momentous, that we have trouble remembering at all, at least without a pretty major nudge in the right direction.

We need to remember what God has done for us, and we need to come up with something to help us remember, because most of our memories are not impactful enough for us keep in the forefront of our minds 24/7.   Maybe we record these moments of God's faithfulness in a diary and purposefully reread it on a regular basis.  Maybe we hang a quote or scripture in a prominent place in our home.  Maybe we have our own little piles of stones as a memorial, similar to one Joshua and the Israelites made. However we do it, we need to do it!  Remembering God's faithfulness does not come naturally or automatically to us.  Like so many things, we need to be purposeful and intentional about remembering what He has done for us.

One thing that I noticed was that God's miracles didn't happen until the people obeyed.  The waters did not part until the priest stepped foot into the water.  The walls of Jericho didn't collapse until the people walked around the city seven days, and seven times on the seventh day.  They didn't start collapsing on the 2nd round, they didn't start cracking on the 5th round - it took persistent and faithful obedience, right until the very end of God's instructions, in order for them to see the fruit of their obedience.  We, too, need to be obedient, regardless of whether we're seeing God work or not.  We are to obey, and He will be faithful.

Tomorrow's Bible In a Year Passage passage: Joshua 7-9; Luke 15:11-32


Nathan Reimer said...

That's a great idea to make a physical reminder of how (and maybe when) God did something great in our lives. My mind is good (at least I think it is), but its amazing what I all don't remember. This would remind me to give thanks more often and also to strengthen my faith, God is always there and listening, even though He doesn't answer me immediately.

Conrad said...

Good point of needing to remember what God has done for us.

Pamela said...

So true. If we don't consciously remember what God has done for us then how will others around us (especially our children) hear about the faithfulness of God if we don't share what he has done for us.