Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday, September 22nd: Ezekiel 5-7, John 9:24-41 ~ Tammy

Today's passage from the Bible In a Year Reading Plan is Ezekiel 5-7; John 9:24-41

Holy wrath and vengeance is an undeniable feature of God's character.  Sin absolutely must be punished. Anyone who ignores that fact (or tries to argue it away) does so at their own peril.  Thankfully, Jesus on the cross stands between us, sinful creatures all, and God's holy wrath.

Rayburn points out that...
  1. First, the just judgment of Israel is, finally, only what he had promised his people from the very beginning should they betray his covenant as they had and do what they had done.
  2. Second, Israel’s behavior was, in fact, a complete and perverse betrayal of Yahweh, of his love, his holiness, and his condescension toward an unworthy people whom he had brought into covenant with himself.
  3. Third, and finally, the justice of Yahweh’s judgments against Israel – severe as he threatened to make them and as they would prove to be – is demonstrated by the fact that when God’s people, or what was left of them, finally came to their senses, they would be horrified not by what God had done, but by what they had done!
The truth is, we all deserve the judgment that is coming, and it is only by God's grace alone that we are spared.

In our John passage, I love the sass the healed man displays towards the religious leaders, and I love His absolute faith and trust in Jesus.  May we demonstrate such unshakable confidence in Him in every area of our lives.

Tomorrow's Bible In a Year Passage passage: Ezekiel 8-10; John 10:1-23


Nathan Reimer said...

What's about to happen to Isreal is terrible, but they had it coming. Is this any different from what's going to happen to everyone around us that does not believe? Our nation makes these same mistakes that Isreal did back then. I'm thankful that I'm saved, but what about those around us? I pray that I care more for the spiritual well being of those around me.

Conrad said...

The Pharisees' claim to sight showed their complete unawareness of their spiritual blindness. Though they claimed to have sight, their actions were evidence of their blindness.

I pray that my actions will not be like that of the Pharisees.

Pamela said...

I was blind and now I see. How simple and yet so true.