Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday, May 5th: Numbers 20-22, Revelation 22 ~ Nathan

Our reading begins with both the Israelites and Moses sinning against God. The Israelites complained again about God not helping them when they figured He should, and Moses for not giving God glory when  He used Moses to provide the Israelites with water.

It's hard to believe the Israelites could complain after all God had done for them,  and all that was in store for them. But this is a reminder for me to be more thankful and not go to my first instinct and complain when things aren't as I think they should be. The Israelites would go to complain again in chapter 21:5.

In some ways I felt sorry for Moses that God punished him for not giving Him glory,  I mean he has his hands full with  the complaining Israelites and has to put up with this numerous times. But God is holy and deserves to be treated that way all the time. This is a good reminder for me to think to give Him the glory and not take it for myself.

Revelation chapter 22 is the last chapter in the Bible,  and closes by first warning that God will punish anyone who adds or takes away anything from the Bible,  this is a warning to us not to make up our own rules and regulations concerning what God wants and what He considers sin. A good way to know the Bible is by reading and studying it, it has all we need.

Secondly, verse 20 says that Jesus is the one who says that all of the Bible is true,  and goes on to say that He is coming soon,  what an encouragement!


TammyIsBlessed said...

I feel bad for Moses too. Over and over we read about how Moses put up with leading these complaining, power hungry, faithless Israelites. And over and over we read how Moses did everything The Lord commanded. Except this once. And once was all it took to be kept out of the promised land. A huge reminder that we can never grow complacent in our walk with God, or think we have reached the height of spiritual maturity. If Moses, a truly great man of a God, can fall, so can we.

Conrad said...

It would have been very hard to walk in Moses' shoes. He had a lot of pressure from the Israelites. What I found interesting was that Moses was the one who spoke to the Israelites, and Moses was the one who struck the rock with his staff.

Moses was who God commanded and Aaron was the one who died. Our disobedience in God not only affect us, but others too.

Pamela said...

The part that stood out for me today was when God told Moses to make the statue of the snake so that people but could look at it and live. Instead of taking away the snakes, God provided a way out...BUT it was the individual's choice to look at it. They had the right to choose and so do we. We can choose to be saved or choose to not turn to be saved.